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Throughout my college experience and then again in grad school I spent a fairly good amount of time getting together and drinking with friends. However, drinking, and especially drinking often and drinking tasty beverages, gets expensive fast. Very fast if you were me in college since I like things that have good taste. This was manageable when I was paying for my own booze at a bar, but became a challenge when hosting an amazing party on a tight budget. Well, what are one’s options? BYOB? Do you want to look like a cheap bastard? Why are you even hosting a party if you’re not taking care of all aspects? Plus there’s a quid pro quo regarding parties, there are only so many you can attend before you have to throw one. That is unless you’re a douche.

Worry no longer, I have a solution. Jesus may have turned water into wine, but here is a way to turn the crappy wine of your choice into something great something legendary.

First, this works very well with either Carlo Rossi or Manischewitz. Moreover, this is completely scalable to the number of friends you have or really how much they can drink.

The Basics:

Now, for every 2 liters of wine, add-

2 cups of Vodka (and not McCormick’s)
1 can of Fresca
1 small can of sliced pineapple (in juice and not syrup)
1 small can of mandarin oranges (in juice and not syrup)
1 small can of sliced peaches (in juice and not syrup)

The process is almost simpler than having fun at the party (which is really just one step: drink the punch, a lot.)

First, the morning or day before the shin-dig, empty all the ingredients into a large vessel (depending on the volume you’d like to make; I’ve always said the more the merrier). Then, just let it sit in a refrigerated spot for several hours and let the flavors come together. The time is directly proportional to the volume you’re making. The last thing to do is to place the punch into a serving vessel.

Now, this is just the start. A twist can be to add in grapefruit slices or pears. Also, fresh fruit (which does taste better) can always be used. However, it is more time consuming and expensive. Moreover, a great twist is made with white wine and melons sans vodka which is perfect for the summer.

Next: The holy trinity of summer drinks: the Mojito, ice-pick & “Mary” drink.

-See you at the party


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February 3, 2010 at 12:24 am

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