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Tequiila and Open Ca.mp

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Part 1

First off I must say this, Jennifer Conley, Cali Lewis, Jon P., Mark Ramsey and an army of great people put together an amazing weekend in Addison and I hope you were there to enjoy it.

I am attending OpenCamp 2010 in Addison, TX

Part 2

So the conversation started with a friend saying “Tequila makes babies,” and then it hit is all (over a good laugh) that everyone has a good tequila story.

What is yours? (Post in the comments below)
The Second part, of course we have to add in more alcohol that is why we’re all here I’m guessing. So after the laughter subsided the phrase came out TequilaMockingbird or To Kill a Mockingbird. The drink recipe is still being finalized but in the mean time we have the title and we know it involves tequila beyond that we’ll release the rest very very soon!

If you are here at OpenCa.mp please come find us and say hi we’d love to talk to you and hear your feedback on the blog and our videos. Where or what would you like us to cover? Post this on the comments or follow us on twitter.

See you at the Ca.mp!


Written by Jax D.

August 29, 2010 at 11:26 am

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