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Hangover Cure

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So we’ve rolled out of bed a bit late from all of the awesomeness from the long weekend. Well, okay, some awesomeness we’re tired and a bit hungover. How do we fix this so the week is not a total loss in productivity?

Well, there are a lots of “sure fire” ways to fix all of it. To us thought, the biggest thing (and this comes as no surprise to veteran bar enthusiasts) is to drink lots water. By a lot of water I mean gallons. Did I mention we drink a lot of water?

Water Jug

Water Jug by markhillary

The main reason the body is hungover is because as much as we may enjoy it and as much as most of it is turned into sugar our body still has to process all that fun alcohol. All this processing leaves the body lacking of nutrients of sorts. So the best thing, drink water while having fun. Then that night and the next day down some Gatorade or some other sort of sports drink with electrolytes. It’ll help with the processing your body and head will feel much, much better in the morning.

So that was a ton of science at once and I’m sure you’ve got a better way to handle your hangover. What’s your favorite method of handling a hangover the day after that amazing party?

One last note, yes we’ve all seen Cocktail with Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown and think about that raw egg carefully it may have salmonella we don’t want to to get sick now.

See you at the bar!


Written by Jax D.

September 7, 2010 at 4:10 pm

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